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Aug 29, 2017

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Do you ever feel out of control of your life? Then this could be a good episode for you.


Today our guest is coming all the way from Sydney Australia! He is the founder of The Stillness Project and his name is Tom Cronin.


Tom believes the portal to reduce stress and access stillness and calm in our lives is meditation. As a meditation teacher for many years he has inspired thousands of people all over the world to unlock their brilliance and calm. But Tom’s journey to find Stillness has not always been easy.


At just 19, Tom started his career as a financial broker. If you guys have seen “The Wolf of Wallstreet” Tom says this is a pretty accurate portrayal of what his life was like back then.


He was living the work hard, play hard lifestyle… long, high stress hours at the office, followed by late, drug and alcohol induced nights entertaining clients. After a decade of this lifestyle Tom was suffering from various addictions, anxiety and depression, which eventually led to a nervous breakdown. (We talk all about this in the episode)


Doctors advised him to take medication but Tom didn’t believe that was the answer for him.

He found meditation and that is what finally helped him to bring balance and wellness back into his life.


Then in 2012, after 26 years in the finance industry and at the height of his career, Tom decided to walk away from his very lucrative job to fulfill what he believed to be his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe.


Determined to share the transformative power of meditation with others Tom started The Stillness Project.


The Stillness Project is a movement of change.

Using multiple streams - from films and online courses, to retreats, blogs, books, and personal mentoring,

his goal and the hope of The Stillness Project is to inspire 1 billion people to sit in Stillness daily to connect with their inner Being and transcend the barriers of separation. The hope is to encourage a movement of awakening on our planet.


And boy does our world need more humans who are connected to spread some love! So, thank you Tom!


In today’s episode we discuss:

-Tom’s personal transformation

-Why it took a nervous breakdown to finally change his life

-The dangers of stress

-How stress changes your physiology and biochemistry and effects our ability to LOVE

-Understanding the difference between the soul and the ego

-How stillness relieves anxiety and stress

-How we can replenish our mind, body and spirit

-The benefits of meditation

And much much more


One of my favorite parts about meditation is that it’s a way to help us remember who we really are, a way to reconnect with our truth- our authentic self - amidst the chaos and stress of the modern world. It gives our mind a moment to rest and it turns up the volume to the voice of our soul.


Often times we look outside for answers or validation only to be left feeling empty, confused and alone. What if all of the answers are within? What if all that you need is within? What if all that you are so desperately longing for the world to give you is within? When we look inward and find stillness we are reminded of our infinite power and connectivity with all that is.


To come from a place of authenticity is where we are our most powerful in life. What if our only mission in life was to be ourselves? To be our TRUE selves and to peel away all the false layers and barriers that prevent us from being ourselves. What would that look like? How would your priorities change? What would you do differently?


If meditation is a way to bring us closer to our authentic self, then I think it’s worth making time for! Don’t you?





The Stillness Project

Tom’s Website

Thom Knoles – Tom’s meditation teacher

BOOK: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

BOOK: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

BOOK: Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra

Aug 3, 2017
Today we have mindfulness teacher, trainer and writer Christopher Dines with us. He is the author of six books and blogs for The Huff Post UK
I was absolutely fascinated by the topic of his most recent book called “The Kindness Habit” where he and his coauthor talk about how to transform our relationship to addictive behaviors.
And we’re not just talking about substance addiction here. In fact, Christopher says we all have addictive behaviors in some way -maybe its with our phone, the internet, shopping, social media, food, emotional behaviors, love, sex, or addiction in our relationships. 
Christopher calls these things “false friends” or a false refuge - a place we go to get temporary relief from discomfort and to avoid what we’re feeling. So how do we transform our relationship with these self-abusive habits, connect to ourselves and find lasting inner strength?
In the book he says: 
“An important first step in this process is to recognize that your ‘thing’ has served a useful purpose. It has been part of how you protect yourself, what you do to soothe, and quieten some inner turmoil.  A place to go to find some peace, without which you would not function well on a day-to-day basis. Like a friend. Your ‘thing’ has become like a friend. A place of refuge.”
-The Kindness Habit
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